SOUL KITCHEN needs a van to help us to collect, recycle, reuse, & deliver food, furniture & other donated items to people who are experiencing financial hardship or crisis.

Thanks to local retailers & individuals, we are receiving offers of food, furniture & household appliances each week to distribute to the people who are in desperate need of them. Soul Kitchen is a small army of unpaid volunteers who use their own vehicles, which means collection can be difficult & sometimes we can’t get the items to those in need. Having a van would greatly increase Soul Kitchen’s ability to deliver items, improving families quality of life. It would help to reduce food waste & prevent items from ending up in landfill sites. It will help us to expand our ‘Soul in a Bowl’ scheme to Ellesmere Port. This currently helps adults in temporary accommodation in Chester to learn to cook nutritious meals., increasing self esteem, educating and building relationships with others. These meals are then distributed to others in temporary accommodation or homeless.

What we’ll deliver:

  • we will engage, help and support people in hardship or crisis in Chester
  • we will help reduce food waste
  • we will provide items to help improve quality of life
  • we will help people to have healthier lifestyles

Why it’s a great idea:

It will help more people who are struggling and facing hardship or crisis, to access essentials & emergency food. It will help to reduce their anxiety, improve mental health & well-being. It will reduce waste going to landfill. It will help to support and educate people to eat well and be more healthy by accessing our food project activities. We aim to help increasing individuals’ self esteem and for them to build relationships with others.

For more info or to make a donation please click the link below